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Who we are?

We are a Non-governmental organization operating in Tanzania registered on 22nd August 2014 with a registration number 0******. We dedicate our collective wisdom and efforts to eliminating cancer as a major health problem and improving the lives of those living with cancer. We recognize that cancer and its associated complications transcends ethnic, geographical, political, cultural and religious boundaries, and requires the active participation of the community for its control, reduction and eventual eradication, and that by virtue of their flexibility and adaptability, non-governments are in better position than government organizations to experiment and innovate for the development of effective strategies

TACASO has carried out many outreach programs and projects to educate the masses. The various projects that we have so far done include:-


Saratani Mitaani

Door to door campaigns


Promoting a center for data


Cancer Screening

Children cancer screening with FOCC


Cancer Awareness

Youth cancer awareness with AFRICANCER

The Vision

The vision of the organization is to create a world where every person in Tanzania will have access to the best possible cancer services, and will have the Lowest risk of getting cancer, the highest survival rates and the best information available when affected by cancer.

The Mission

TACASO is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem, and improving the lives of those living with cancer


> To disseminate and provide information about the proper
control and treatment of cancer to patient and families.
> To organize and provide facilities for the prevention, detection
and treatment of cancer.
> To encourage, conduct, aid and assist in the conduct,
improvement and growth of medical research,
medical expertise and medical knowledge in the field of cancer and other related fields.
> Help Shape Public Policy on Cancer-Related Issues.
Recognizing the legal needs of those affected by cancer so that they
can access legal services.
> To pioneer for the registration of cancer cases in all areas of Tanzania.
This will lead to solid information system which helps in concentration of services.

Areas of Work

> Cancer Screening programs
> Cancer Treatment
> Care giving and support
> Cancer Research and studies

Organization Stracture

> General Assembly
> Board of Directors
> Management Team (Executive Committee)